Choose The Best Dental  IT Service Company

DDS Tech Pro is a premiere dental & technology integration specialist. That means that we go above and beyond with our recognition of how dental offices run. We know how to make sure that the computers in the environment are seamless to use. With our team of professionals ranging from decades of technological experience to half a century of combined construction knowledge, we are here to give our clients the best possible care. We are committed to our high standards and cut no corners for our customers. 

Our mission is to provide exceptional IT services and support tailored specifically for dental practices. We are dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient technology solutions that optimize practice operations, enhance patient care, and empower dental professionals to focus on their core expertise.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of comprehensive IT services for dental practices, revolutionizing the way technology is managed in the dental industry. By leveraging our expertise and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we aim to empower dental practices to thrive in a digital era, while delivering outstanding patient experiences and driving overall practice success.

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Recovery
  • Dental IT Support
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Inter-Office Solutions
dental IT support on site

Why Choose Us?

Digital Dental Solutions brings 20 years of experience to your unique IT needs. We pay attention to details from cabling to software updates. All our IT solutions are fully HIPPA compliant.

Flexible and Customized

From start to finish, we provide a complete, comprehensive solution specifically designed for your dental practice.


We have been servicing dentists from small startups through jumbo DSOs for the last 20 years.

We Call For You

We work with your dental software providers to ensure everything stays up to date, stays compliant, and is in good working order.

Attentive to You

Once we understand your growth goals, we implement the technology that will provide seamless integration.

Professional Technicians

With a remote support team and on-site technicians on our staff, we will solve any issue that you might have.

Data Redundancy

We backup all your files daily with our data protection redundancy program. All IT solutions implemented are fully and completely HIPAA compliant.

Our Team

James tech Pro

James Rice, CEO

James Rice has owned multiple technology companies and with over 20 years of experience fixing computers, networks, and servers he is a leader in the dental technology integration world. His passion for problem solving sets him apart from other IT company owners and means that we find solutions fast.

Doug Tech Pro

Doug Harvey, Senior IT Specialist

Doug Harvey is a certified network engineer, project manager, and server-extraordinaire who found his passion for IT in 2012 and never looked back. As a mechanic, he was always learning and pinpointing the root cause of the problem so that he could fix the cause, instead of just fixing the symptom. Now as an IT Specialist, he applies that same concept.

derrell tech pro

Derrell Gillmore, Installation Manager

Derrell Gillmore has over 40 years of construction experience and loves efficiency. As our installation manager, he guarantees that everything is mounted properly, and nothing is crooked! Ever! His ability to see things that increase efficiency that others don’t ensures that the doctors and staff we support are not missing a beat and remain 100% productive with their systems and their workspaces.


Mason Herbel, Helpdesk Manager

Mason Herbel is our Swiss Army Knife and knows how to handle a wide range of issues. When a server is down, or a network just won’t come back online, he ensures that all customers receive the support they know and love. With the help of Derrell and Doug, he also creates solutions for our customers and presents them in a manner that everyone can understand.

Stephani McCue, IT Specialist

Stephani McCue is our resident sensor queen and answers the phone more than anyone else. For her it is a race to see who can help the client the quickest and the best. Previously working at a datacenter has led Stephani into a role that started at Level 1 where she quickly learned and became a specialist in all things Dental Technology.

Phil Tech Pro

Phillip Price, Install Tech & IT Specialist

Phillip Price is one of our Installation techs that works with Derrell on our major buildouts, renovations and installs. Half the time is spent in the field and the other half is spent on the helpdesk answering calls and helping our wonderful technicians. With a gaming background and an urge to get out of security work Phil has been an amazing addition to the team.

Stephan Tech Pro

Josue Martinez, IT Specialist

Josue Martinez joined the team as a helpdesk technician and quickly became an IT Specialist. He helps Stephani and Phil handle the tickets as they come in from calls, emails, or text messages. After working at HP, he wanted a job that had more variety and has found a sweet spot here with us.